My Final Deets: The Closing / Fantage Legacy / Line Play

By now, everyone should know that Fantage has shut its doors permanently. Its legacy of ten years will forever be engraved into our hearts as one of our favourite childhood games. Yes, it had it’s up and downs, but upon seeing the closure of it all, we realize that it taught us many things.

Fantage closed a couple days ago, and even though I knew it was coming, an ache appears in my heart once I realize, again, that I will no longer be able to access it. However, it’s for the best: this is the best type of closure.


For those who can’t fathom not having Fantage in your lives anymore: this is for you. Several dedicated Fantage users have  announced their decision to develop a private server of Fantage, open for all. Called Fantage Legacy, closed beta is designated to open for selected users sometime in the following weeks. Open beta itself will be released sometime in the following month, though an exact date hasn’t yet been revealed.

More information about this project can be found here. You can also follow @jimmyfantage and @egatnaf_mase on Instagram for more up-to-date notices.

Now, onto a game that can replace your hearts’ desires for Fantage while you await Fantage Legacy: Line Play.


If you don’t know already, Line Play is a virtual app that allows its users to communicate freely (with no chat filters that I know of), either individually or in groups, dress up, plays games and complete missions to earn gems and cash, and decorate their houses.

In this way, Line Play is much like Fantage. It is also easier to access and contains no chat restrictions. Available on both Android and iOS, its cute kawaii style rivals that of Fantage’s wardrobe-based theme.


You can add whichever friends you please, with a cap of 500 friends. You can give a “heart” to whoever you think has a nice outfit. These “hearts” add up and show on your profile, much like a way of expressing experience and style points in the game.


Line Play’s arsenal of clothing highly beats that of Fantage’s. Everything is cute and well-designed, and gatchas are updated often.


Line Play’s inventory, or “closet”, is much like Fantage’s. Everything is categorized, though the accessories aren’t separate. There is an inventory cap, but nothing you should worry about for a good while.


Of course, everyone gets their own dairy, or album, as Fantagians know it. You can post your avatar, or upload any photos you choose from your device.


The squares are much like uptown, downtown, etc., places where users come to mingle and interact. Here, you can add friends, check out fashion trends, and complete missions.


Best of luck in your journey, wherever you choose to go. And if you do decide to join Line Play, please do add me:


Just enter the code into “referral code” as you create your account, and I’ll be added immediately! (You and I both get rewards also, hehe.)

Signing out,

Yours truly,

Sunstar5412 ❤️



Hello there! Greetings from the Fantage Deets staff, consisting of Galaxi (owner), Calypso, Sunstar, Lavender, and Laurenn.

This blog was created in September 2015, and we’re happy to say that we’ve passed our nine month anniversary successfully! We hope to continue for many more months to come. ♥

This is Sunstar here, and I’m the main blogger on this blog. I’m a level 1,537 noob, and I’m here to entertain you on the subject Fantage, from fashion, to events, to giveaways. 😉


I’m a MyMallian, meaning I spend most of my time on Fantage in mymall. Where else would I be? 

I quit for awhile, but now I’m back. Look forward to more posts from me! ♥


[Staff, feel free to add your bios here!]


Welcome Back

So I’ve been laying here for the past hour just looking through this blog and reading my old posts. And while doing so, I.. kind of miss it. The whole thing: the close-knit community, how everyone supported each other, and how happy we all were. I really miss that. 

Are there enough of you left out there? Do you guys want to start over again, and rebuild the community from the feet up?

I’m a junior in high school now, and this will be my fifth (sixth?) year on fantage, so I won’t be as active or addicted as I used to be. And my account isn’t perfect anymore, either. But let’s be friends again, ‘kay? 

Let’s bring everyone back. Let’s post about the same boring thing that happens on fantage. Let’s be together, I miss you guys!!

Update: I see most of you guys have come back at one time or another since the new school year started.. Is it too late? Or are you guys gone? Will I see you again next september? D;

by calypso


I’m back from the dead..

hey, its musicgirl.

I know, its been forever, and Fantage is pretty much dead. But honestly, I might be making a comeback this summer.

I’m now a freshman in high school, so yeah. But i have loved this game for a while, and am gonna try to bring back Fantage Deets for good.

My sis, Calypso, pretty much hates it now, but I’m gonna be posting a lot more, so stay tuned!

-Musicgirl (or my real name, Anika)

I’m back! Kinda..

I miss the once lively community here, it’s pretty dead. 😦

And yeah, did I tell you I sold my account? I regret it now, but yeah, if you see sunstar5412, it’s not me. I sold it quite awhile ago, and completely forgot to update anyone.

I went on fantage yesterday, and it was still pretty much the same. Many people say that the game is getting worse, but I feel like the people make it worse, not fantage itself. I mean- “hojes my plc!!!” Really?

Should I keep blogging, though? I have backup accounts I can use. 😀

Misspiggy’s Edit

Hey guys!

Misspiggy asked me to do an edit, so here it is!

edits(For Misspiggy only!)

I hope you like it! Sorry I couldn’t do flowers on the dress; I did a flower bouquet instead!

If any one wants an edit, just comment below of what you want!




Recolored Edit + Giving Away Edits

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven’t been posting much… there’s really nothing to post about! Sorry! 😦

Anyways, I recolored some Fantage items and put an outfit together:


I know you probably won’t steal it, but just as a reminder, please don’t! 🙂

I’ll be making edits for you guys as long as you have a drawing or something for me to base off of. I’m not feeling very creative right now. :/

Oh well, comment down if you want an edit, with your drawing! 🙂